One to one readings

Vivienne uses different ways to determine what a person needs as everyone is different. She uses her abilities to make the connection and bridge the gap between the spirit world and us. She is totally respectful to spirit and is known for her accuracy and honestly. Vivienne is not a fortune teller and tries to give as much guidance as possible.  This is for anyone who wishes to connect with their loved ones. Vivienne will connect to the spirit world to pass messages and advice to you. She will also use her psychic abilities and angel cards to look at the other issues you may have.

Duration 30 /40 minutes

One to one readings in your own home

This is a great way to have a reading without travelling. Vivienne will come to your home when you have a group of 5/6 people and conduct her private readings with you. This is to facilitate anyone who cannot travel to Vivienne.

Duration 30 / 40 minutes