My Journey With Angels


I have a hugely strong faith in Angels and have had so many experiences of their loving power all through my life. From intervention when I fell 20 feet from a window as a child to bringing me out of the depths of despair as an adult. The latter being for me one of the most incredible events of my life, that set me on an inspired journey working side by side with the angelic realm. When I was little my beautiful granny in Wexford would sing to all the children about the angels playing their harps for us.  Which conjured up magical images of cherubs sitting on white fluffy clouds playing harps that along with the usual images and statues that you would see in churches everywhere but growing up I never gave a lot of thought to all the things that happened around me especially when it came to all matters spiritual. 

I saw spirit from a very young age I also saw lights and auras around people especially when there were issues around them but was so used to if that I never made the connection. After all the churches depictions of angels and what I saw were quite different. As a teenager and young adult I came away from all things spiritual because my visions were so strong and I had constant premonitions which I found difficult to deal with so when my parents were taken away from us at a young age I lost all belief and faith in everything spiritual. 

All that changed in August 2005 when I reluctantly embarked on a trip to Medjugorje. I say reluctantly as I wasn’t in a very good place in my life at all. I had lost all direction and had become very cynical about everything. I am very much a person that has to see something before I will believe it and that is because I believe in being honest about everything. I had been ignoring all the signs until then that had led the way, and as I now know brought me to this place, a place where so many people gather to get a glimpse of another world, some go year after year in hope of gaining the experience, but it wasn’t like that for me I was only there to please someone else that had asked me to accompany them on the trip. When I found myself on top of apparition hill on that Tuesday night surrounded by people of all nationalities and all dominations. 

I came to the realisation that they all believed that something might happen here so I sat and listened to people sing and waited, then I saw Ivan [The Visionary] sit down, eventually I became restless and decided that I’d had enough and that I would leave, at that very moment the whole place fell into silence. I sat back down and was drawn to my right hand side as I looked  up to the right I saw a large cloud come from the right over to the front of me and like curtains the clouds began to part and there in front and above me was the most amazing figure of a lady that I had ever seen.  I think my mouth must have stayed open for the entire time. As I watched this man Ivan was speaking to the lady as she appeared complete with stars at her feet a complete silence fell upon apparition hill. 

I have no idea how long it lasted but after some time the clouds came back like a curtain and closed and as quickly as it had appeared it was gone followed by a shooting star. That was the first time I had ever seen a shooting star. The people started to gather themselves and as they all made their way towards the visionary Ivan. I spotted something in the clear night sky coming  towards me at first I couldn’t be sure but very soon it became crystal clear to me and the little boy next to me who was pulling at the side of my trousers that he and I were looking at angels, as they came closer we looked at them in sheer amazement. They looked almost as though they were dancing all three of them brought to me a wonderful sense of peace, love and calmness. They stayed for a while before disappearing back to the heavens. I came down that hill a totally different person than I went up and because I have seen with my own two eyes I have been able to build a relationship with them. They have taken me on a fantastic journey which continues in my own weekly angel meditation classes and monthly workshops. I am so blessed to be able to work with the angelic realm and I thank them every day for their love and help.