More About Vivienne

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My first memory of an experience with spirit occurred when I was a child. I shared a bedroom with my sister at the time and we both saw an apparition of a woman. As children neither of us  were aware of the significance until I describe the woman to my father. The woman was dressed in a period dress from the late 18th century which made sense as the house itself was constructed during that period. On another occasion my youngest sister, Louise, was seriously ill and in hospital. The same night as Louise passed away in hospital I was awoken to see Louise in her cot crying. Instinctively I tried to comfort Louise and take her in my arms, as I reached out Louise disappeared. Throughout my childhood similar experiences would frequently occur. Whilst others might find such experiences traumatic, through my innocence as a child I found them to be therapeutic and became part of my life. However things changed and as a child’s innocence fades and we experience our teenage years the visions increased and the wonderment was lost to fear as the experiences were more associated with tragic events.  In my teenage years I subconsciously began to shut down my ability to experience these visions and ultimately they stopped. I embraced my love and passion for acting and dance and I became a self taught drama tutor and choreographer where I taught both disciplines in resource centres and to children and adults with special needs. 

The drug free birthing process of my third child awoken my inner senses that I had suppressed during my teenage years and adulthood. As the spirit world slowly began to open up to my maturity and experiences through my adult life and gave me a more grounded and controlled view of the spirit world. A meeting with medium Trish Doyle gave me the encouragement and confidence to pursue my spiritual journey. I decided to further and explore my ability through the world renowned medium Mavis Pittilla and her one to one Mentorship Program in England. I  have also studied at the Arthur Findlay College in London.

I have been working as a medium for the last several years and my areas of expertise are platform reading and one to one readings. I  have built up a reputation for my honesty to spirit, clients and my accuracy in readings.  My ethos is that the many aspects of Mediumship can aid healing both spiritual and physical.  I love working as a conduit for spirit as I feel we never stop gaining knowledge and learning about our loved ones in spirit. I am also a member of D & B Truthseekers Paranormal and I participate with investigations on paranormal activity and house clearances. I am also a founding member of the SUN, Spiritual Unfoldment Network, where once a month people come together to share spiritual and holistic experiences.